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Advantages of Using Quality Sewer Cameras for Your Plumbing Business

Contractors providing plumbing services to cities and municipalities, or even owners of private property, whether residential or commercial, would do well to invest in top quality sewage cleaning equipment.

Before any actual work can be done, however, it’s crucial that you have a clear picture of what kind of problem you’ll be facing. In order to have a reliable assessment of the situation, using a push camera inspection system will prove to be highly advantageous.

Here are some reasons why your company should invest in this equipment for a more efficient delivery of plumbing services.

Sewer Cameras for Your Plumbing Business

Better Access

Whatever’s causing the blockage in the pipeline may be tucked deep within, and so will not be easily accessible or visible from the opening. It used to be that plumbers will make use of a long stick to get a feel of where the blockage is, and then try to open up the pipeline from there to have a closer look and take it out.

This system, however, is very disruptive to the property. Lawns have been turned upside down, and sidewalks have been broken open just to be able to get to the problem area. With sewer cameras, all of these additional and costly steps become unnecessary.

They simply send down the cable with the camera attached at the very end, which then feeds the visuals into the monitor aboveground. With eyes literally on the ground, the team can then better determine what best option is there to take without having to break or unearth anything from the ground.

Safety and Convenience

Another good reason for you to invest in this type of equipment for your plumbing service is that it helps keep your workers out of harm’s way. Pipelines can be hazardous to health, especially because of all the unsanitary things that flow in it.

By sending the sewer camera down first, the need for the plumber to actually “get down and dirty,” so to speak, is minimized. It also makes it a lot more efficient because a game plan can be made specifically to address the problem without having to break into the pipeline and destroying the affected area for access.

Suppliers like Haaker Equipment Company can help contractors and plumbers alike to acquire this helpful equipment.


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