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Spotlight on the Elgin Crosswind Regenerative Air Sweeper

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable regenerative air sweeper, look no further than the Elgin Crosswind. This machine combines outstanding performance with a simplified, low-maintenance design featuring a high performance sweep system and user-friendly controls. Perfect for airports, contractors, municipalities and general maintenance, the Crosswind exemplifies all the reasons why Elgin...
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Quality Vactor Truck Parts Increase Worker Safety

Anyone working with machinery needs to ensure they’re maintaining safe practices and that the equipment they use are safe. For those working outside and who are exposed to potentially hazardous materials, such as in the sewer or street cleaning industries, it’s extra important to put measures in place to keep staff safe while...
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Spotlight on the Vactor 2103 Sewer Cleaner

Sewer lines become blocked. Storm water lines break. Traffic is interrupted, and the health and safety of your community are at stake. When the going gets tough, you need tough equipment to help you through — like the Vactor 2103. Powerful yet maneuverable and cost-efficient, the Vactor 2103 is a responsive, economical and...
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Vactor Truck Parts: Everything You Need for Sewer Cleaning

Municipalities across the globe need to create sanitary, clean environments for their residents to live, work and thrive. Part of this responsibility includes creating an effective system of moving both storm water, wastewater (better known as sewage) and solid materials from the source to an eco-friendly place for disposal. These systems are usually...
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Top Safety Tips for High Pressure Waterjets

Here at Haaker, we take pride in offering the most efficient cleaning equipment, but safety always remains our number-one priority. Precautions should always be taken when you are using our equipment, and following these tips can keep you safe while using high pressure waterjets. General Safety Tips for Using High Pressure Waterjets Never...
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Vactor Truck Parts Essential for Clearing Sewer Debris

The supervisor of the town of Wheatfield, New York got a startling surprise recently when he learned what residents have been flushing down their toilets. The town, near Buffalo, had been experiencing sewer issues, according to local news outlet Spectrum. When the water and sewer department investigated, the results were shocking. Underwear. Towels....
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