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Essential Sewer Cleaning Tools: The Vactor 2100 Plus

This month, we are shining the spotlight on the Vactor 2100 Plus – also known as the world’s most powerful cleaning system! When it comes to sewer cleaning tools, nothing compares to this machine. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Exclusive Jet Rodder Water Pump 

Pipes are scoured clean and obstructions are no match for the Vactor 2100 Plus thanks to its powerful Jack Hammer action. The slow-stroke, single-piston design and hydraulic drive deliver a longer lifespan with less maintenance, and the JetRodder water pump is located completely below the water supply, allowing for greater power and no cavitation.

Telescoping, Rotating Hose Reel and Hydraulic Boom 

The reel and boom work together to create incredible maneuverability and productivity that allows for cleaning of multiple inlets without relocating the truck. Complete controls are located at the reel, increasing efficiency and safety, and the optional auto-wind feature lets the operator focus on his work instead of the hose reel.

Optional Shark High-Performance Hose 

Made of molecularly bonded, reinforced rubber, this hose delivers unmatched maneuverability and flexibility, allowing for tighter bends, higher pressures and longer runs. It even remains flexible in temperature extremes and is the longest-lasting hose available today.

Optional High-Performance Nozzle

When it comes to sewer nozzles for sale, this one takes the cake. It converts pressure and waterflow into thrust 22% more efficiently than regular nozzles, and it reduces man hours, increases productivity and cuts fuel and water consumption. When paired with a Shark hose, you’ll have the most high-performance, effective cleaning system in the industry!

Additional options for this piece of sewer cleaning truck equipment include over 100 precision-engineered safety and productivity enhancements, cold weather recirculation system, liquid debris pump-off system, debris flush-out system, a water tank capacity of up to 2,000 gallons, a fail-safe hydraulic door locking system and a pump delivery system of up to 200 gpm.

Advanced options include a high-dump that dumps debris into roll-offs five-feet high without the need of a ramp or lift. This high-dump tilts up to a 50-degree dump angle, includes a full rear splash shield and provides a whopping 66 inches of clearance.

The hot-shift transfer case lets you get in, get out and get on to the next job faster than ever! You can now control the blower from outside the cab, and the blower won’t consume fuel or engage when unnecessary. This also reduces wear to the transmission and engine.

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