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Recommended Sewer Cameras

The Highly Recommended Sewer Cameras

Whether you are working for the city or you are looking to become a sewer cleaning contractor, you can’t afford to skimp on quality sewer inspection equipment. You should primarily rely on sewer cameras to determine the scope of each job. Without them, it would be virtually impossible to determine exactly what your sewer cleaning machine is up against.

That said, there are a number of sewer camera models that you can choose from. Here are some that come highly recommended:

QuickView Haloptic Camera

The QuickView is actually one of the first ever line of sewer cameras used for zoom pipe inspection. Today, its haloptic camera allows you to concentrate light right on the pipe walls so that you would have more illumination in the part of the sewer that matters that most. In fact, QuickView is said to deliver 20 times more illumination compared to similar zoom pipe cameras.


If you are looking for a sewer camera on wheels, the RovverX is one of the most popular models available in the industry. That’s because it’s able to go as far as you need it to, with its multi-conductor high break strength cable that measures up to 1,650 feet. There is also a model available with a 1,000 feet cable.

The moment it’s at work, its camera is able to transmit video to a screen that you can view on a handheld remote device. This device is also what you would use to control the RovverX’s movements.


Just like the RovverX, the SuperVision is designed for ultra mobility and efficiency. It’s quite popular among utility companies for good reason. Unlike the RovverX, the standard cable on the SuperVision already extends up to 1,640 feet.

VeriSight Pro

If other cameras have wheels, the VeriSight Pro is equipped with a reel. It’s compact design makes it possible for this sewer camera to easily fit into the smallest pipes in the sewer network. Once it’s in, it will send back high quality footage, which can be saved via portable media such as USB drives and SD cards.

Consider any of these sewer camera models for your sewer cleaning business today. If you are not sure which one is right for you, you can always consult with an equipment company offering them. This way, you would know which one your business should invest in. With a reliable camera around, you will be able to provide a better sewer cleaning services to all of your customers.