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Using Sewer Cleaning Truck Equipment

Keep Your Community Healthy by Using Sewer Cleaning Truck Equipment

Nothing matters more than ensuring public health and safety. Making sure that drainage and sewer lines are regularly cleaned and maintained is an important aspect that must not be overlooked.

Clogged drains and sewer lines don’t only bring great inconvenience to home and business owners, they pose serious health risks as well. Drain and sewer water spills contain lots of potentially disease-carrying elements.

Here are some health risks you can avoid if you hire sewer cleaning truck equipment services to maintain drain and sewer pipes.

Dangerous Gas

Improperly maintained residential sewage systems can cause the buildup of dangerous gases which could enter the home through the drains.

Gases such as chlorine, methane, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrous oxide can lead to serious health issues. The adverse effects of exposure to these gases include dizziness, nausea, lack of oxygen, disorientation, and even lung diseases. Some, such as hydrogen sulfide, can even cause death.

Regular sewage cleanups using the right equipment will help prevent these dangers from causing real harm to both the residents and the environment.

Bacteria and Hazardous Chemicals

Dirty or blocked underground sewage pipes can break and spill dirty water. This liquid, which is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and other pathogens, can seep into water pipes. Worn sections of pipe are particularly vulnerable to breakage, and may carry the toxic and harmful elements back into the home.

It can also contaminate surrounding soil, thereby affecting lawns and gardens. Organic gardens are especially at risk of exposure because the harvests are meant for human consumption.

Build up can also affect the general sanitation of the community as sewage can rise all the way to the surface and cause foul-smelling odors on lawns. This, in turn, can attract insects and other organisms that thrive in such unsanitary conditions.

Tools such as sewer inspection cameras can help ensure the safety of the plumbers who will be working on the issue. This way, they can be better prepared as to what kind of problems they will have to resolve underground, if necessary.

A company such as Haaker Equipment Company will provide you with a wide range of sewer cleaning tools your community requires to keep its drains and sewer systems clean and free of blockages. Ask their experts to help you purchase or rent sewer cleaning trucks and equipment that suit your community’s needs best.


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