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Sewer Inspection Equipment

New Sewer Inspection Equipment Are More Accurate and Cost-Effective

The old saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and that’s especially true of industrial sewer systems. These systems control the flow and disposal of waste water to municipalities of all sizes, and keeping on top of problems beforehand can help prevent environmental catastrophes.

Upgrading equipment might seem like an unnecessary expense in these days of budget crunches and cut-backs, but it’s a worthy investment when public or employee health and safety are at stake.

Ensuring Efficiency and Accuracy

Sewer cameras provide a glimpse into areas of waste and water systems that few humans can match. Whether we’re talking about the flexible VeriSight Pro hoses that can traverse the smallest pipes or a rugged robotic camera like the RovverX SuperVision that can travel up to 1,640 feet into a complex sewage system, high-tech aids like these make your maintenance team’s job much more efficient and accurate.

Newer technology has made remote troubleshooting more accurate and cost-effective for companies and governments. If your team is struggling to keep up with repairs and preventative maintenance due to inefficient, outdated equipment, it may be time to upgrade yours.

Note that newer sewer inspection equipment can help your crew identify trouble spots sooner and provide a more accurate look into pipes and valves. Not to mention, these equipment can also save you time and costs.

Better Technology Translates to Better Abilities

Among the problems with video equipment that uses older technology are limited line of sight and maneuverability. There are also issues with timeliness and accuracy when recording, saving and viewing data.

Newer video inspection equipment is sleeker, easier to manipulate remotely, and able to go further into pipes for longer periods of time without the dangers of power loss or obstruction. They also offer high-definition video, better lighting at wider angles and the ability to provide feedback and recommendations in close to real-time. Despite these futuristic abilities, these are affordable enough to equip every truck in your maintenance fleet.

Infrastructure is a hot-button topic right now, and preventive maintenance starts with the right tools for the job. If you’re looking into new sewer inspection equipment or sewer cameras for your city department or industrial complex, make sure to do your homework. You always get what you pay for, so opt for a company that has a proven track record of providing quality, purpose-built equipment that’s on the leading edge of technology.


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