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Choose a Vactor Truck Rental

Reasons to Choose a Vactor Truck Rental for Community Cleanup Projects

Communities who would like to maintain a healthy and clean environment benefit most from the use of Vactor trucks. Municipalities, whether big or small, could use some help from professionals handy with the use of this particular equipment. However, there are certain economic and practical considerations that need to be factored in before making a decision to buy one or opt for a Vactor truck rental instead.

This kind of truck is used for cleaning sewage systems and catch basins. It can do these otherwise difficult tasks through a storage container and suction motor mounted on a truck chassis. These Vactor truck parts are responsible for pumping out sludge, industrial waste, and even toxic materials to keep drainage and sewage systems clear of possible blockages or toxic buildups.


If a community buys its own Vactor trucks, then they become responsible for its maintenance. Any repairs the truck may require will also be at their expense.

With a rental, you can just return them to the supplier after use. If the truck breaks down, the supplier will replace it with a working unit, assuming, of course, that the renter did exercise due diligence in handling the equipment during the time that it was in their care.

Smart Investment

Buying a brand new Vactor truck can be expensive but it can also be a good investment if it is frequently used. If it’s going to merely collect more dust in the garage than sludge from underground, however, it’s probably better to opt for a rental instead.

At least with a rental, the costs will only be limited to everytime the truck is used for a job. As soon as it’s done, it can simply be returned. No extra costs necessary. If you’re worried about availability, it can simply be arranged such that the equipment will be reserved for your use at a specific period in time so you won’t have to wait for your turn. This solves the issue of instant accessibility and having regular clean-up schedules at the same time.

For Vactor truck rentals, you can approach reliable suppliers such as Haaker Equipment Company. Companies such as this also offer complete services, from maintenance and repairs to parts replacements.


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