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Servicing Vactor Truck Parts

Servicing Vactor Truck Parts and How to Resolve Them

Vactor trucks are mainly used for sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation. They are known for effectively removing waste water and debris, including during emergency cases. Regular use of these trucks can cause wear and tear on their parts. Here are common problems with some Vactor truck parts and how to fix them.

Vacuum Debris Hose

Vacuum hoses may suddenly get clogged with debris. Large solid objects may obstruct the hose and prevent it from operating. You can open the lid of the hose and try to take out the obstruction.

The vacuum hose may also be corroded by chemicals which will cause it to leak. Leaks must be sealed immediately once they are detected. Also, regular cleaning of the tank can prevent hazardous or corrosive debris from sticking and building up in the hose. Likewise, schedule periodic hose rotation to decrease wear and tear in one area only. You can rotate it to 180 degrees, 90 degrees, as well as end-over-end for a longer hose life.

Ball Valves

A frequent problem with ball valves is jerky or sticky operation. A possible cause is actuator misalignment. If someone bumps or steps on the valve, it can generate a side load on the stem and create leaks. To fix this, disassemble the valve or the actuator to check the shaft. Replace the valve if it’s bent or damaged. If the valve stem itself is sticky or jerky, lubricate the sliding surfaces.

Fluid leakage is a ball valve problem as well. When fluid is leaking from the top of the valve, the stem packing could be worn or loose. In this case the packing may need adjustment or replacement. If the leak comes from the body joint, some or all of the body bolts may be loose. Check all of the bolts and tighten. Another possible cause of a leaking ball valve is a worn or damaged body gasket. Examine the gasket and replace if needed.

These are only some of the usual problems with Vactor truck parts, which is why it’s advisable for companies to stock up on these items for easy replacement. On the other hand, if you don’t use your trucks that much and want to retire them in the future, you should consider Vactor truck rental instead. Renting Vactor trucks can reduce your regular maintenance costs while still getting access to the cleaning and vacuuming prowess of these machines.


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