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Why Sewer Cameras are Important

Why Sewer Cameras are an Important Part of Sewer Inspection Equipment

It’s not just the roads and landscaping that you need to pay attention to in order to keep communities clean and safe. Underneath it all is a vast sewage system that must be kept in check and well maintained too.

Sewage backup brings with it a variety of issues. Flooding, backed up sewage ruining home interiors, and diseases from sewage-borne bacteria and other pathogens are all likely possibilities, hence the importance of regular sewage clean-ups. One of the most important aspects of maintenance is properly identifying problems so that you don’t end up wasting the workers’ time and efforts. This is why you need to use the most appropriate sewer inspection equipment for utmost efficiency.

Why Use Inspection Cameras

Identifying problems is difficult as sewage system pipes are buried underground and are often too small for personnel entry.

The best way to deal with this is to use sewer cameras attached to long cables that could then be simply snaked into the pipeline. Through this equipment plumbers can have a closer look at the problem by watching from a monitor aboveground. Navigation through narrow parts of the pipeline and far corners should also be no problem because the cable can be easily controlled and directed from the aboveground computer.

If there is enough space in the pipeline, cameras on roving machines can be used to cover more ground deep beneath the sewers. This will have to be controlled remotely as well, and will not be able to go inside tight spaces. Its advantage though is that it can be used more as a free-range equipment, featuring much longer cables to reach longer distances.

Safety First

Another advantage of using sewer inspection cameras is that it keeps plumbers safe. By viewing the issue beforehand, they can prepare the necessary tools and work out the most efficient way to deal with it. This cuts the time they will be spending below looking for the problem, and thereby also mitigating the worker’s exposure to toxins, chemicals, and dangerous pathogens while working on the sewers.

Sewer inspection cameras provide convenience, efficiency, and safety. Companies such as Haaker offer different sewer inspection camera models for contractors who undertake sewage cleaning projects for communities.


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