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Signs You Need to Use a Push Camera Inspection System Before a Clean

Each time your business takes on a sewer or drain cleaning job, your first priority will be ensuring safe working conditions. That means taking precautions, and sometimes extra steps, in the cleaning process. Sewer cameras are a great piece of safety equipment that give you information about the environment you’ll be working in. While it’s not always necessary for you to use a push camera inspection system, here are some of the signs to look out for that suggest you should.

An Overflowing Drain or Sewer

If the pipes you need to unblock are overflowing with sewage, sludge or grease, you aren’t going to have a clear picture of the situation. As the line of sight is obscured, you won’t know where the cause of blockage is and how large it is, which means you could use the wrong cleaning equipment to tackle it. In this case, you should use a push camera inspection system first to understand the magnitude of the problem and to be able to select the right cleaning tools from the start.

The Client Has Limited Information

Most clients you’ll visit will be relatively sure they know what has clogged their pipes. However, when they aren’t sure what the issue is, you’ll need to gather information first in order to proceed with a safe plan of action. Your sewer camera will tell you exactly what the problem is, so you can use the right nozzles, jets and pressure needed to resolve the issue quickly.

If there’s Poor Lighting

You should always be equipped with plenty of lighting equipment to help you see properly. In some cases, however, you won’t be able to see safely into the pipe opening. If you find yourself in this situation, use your camera to alert you to any potential difficulties before proceeding.

If it’s a Particularly Large Job

When you start cleaning large underground pipes, you could put yourself or your staff at risk. Some jobs involve heading into the pipes themselves. To avoid a dangerous situation, always send your push camera inspection equipment down first. If the pipe unblocks itself suddenly, you’d rather lose your camera than one of your men.

If your business is interested in new sewer camera equipment, contact a reputable supplier for advice on which models will suit your needs best.


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