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Spotlight on the RS 1300 Street Sweeper for Sale

We are proud to offer a number of vacuum trucks for sale, used street sweepers and street sweepers for sale. These machines are made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, including Nite-Hawk and Nilfisk-Advance. This month, we are shining the spotlight on the RS 1300 compact vacuum sweeper from Nilfisk-Advance.

Features of the RS 1300

– Unlike other rider vacuum sweepers designed for the outdoors, this compact street sweeper for sale has a fan that channels debris in just one pass without the debris passing through the fan.

– Operators get a clear, safe view of foot traffic, cars and the surrounding environment thanks to the tempered full-length glass in the operator cab. Seeing behind and underneath the machine is also easy thanks to the rear view camera.

– Operators can clean on two different levels simultaneously by using the third broom with an 83-inch sweeping path.

– Debris is channeled inward by the side brooms, allowing the operator to easily sweep close to walls and curbs on either side of the machine.

– No other machine in its class can match the powerful suction of this compact vacuum sweeper!

– The machine is effortlessly carried over challenging surface variations by the 89.8 hp diesel engine.

– The RS 1300 can tackle climbing grades of up to 24% (13.8 degrees).

– The machine hugs curbs with its unique tight turning radius and rear steering.

– Emptying is also effortless thanks to the 40-cubic foot high dump hopper that reaches heights of up to 63 inches.

There are also many optional features available for the RS 1300! To learn more about these options, contact us today!