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Spotlight on Verisight Sewer Cameras

The Verisight Pro is a push camera inspection system that provides everything you need to inspect laterals and drain pipes, document data and generate reports — including the ability to capture up to 90 hours of images and video, offload inspections via SD card or USB drive, easily organize stored footage, type using a full QWERTY keyboard, add text overlay with live distance and custom data and efficiently log observations to generate basic reports.

This sewer inspection equipment allows you to quickly see everything you need to diagnosis drain problems. Features include crisp color footage thanks to the high-resolution PAL imager, a self-leveling axial camera, LEDs that generate shadowless, adjustable illumination and the ability to digitally zoom images up to three times.

Durable, Reliable Sewer Cameras

The Verifisight Pro’s rugged design makes it capable of surviving even the toughest atmospheres. Its rugged controls housing earned it an 1P64 rating, and the system runs off vehicle power, onboard rechargeable battery or mains power while the welded reel construction can withstand much abuse thanks to its protective powder coat. Signal integrity is maximized while maintenance is minimized due to the sealed slip ring, and harsh conditions are no match for the stainless steel axial camera construction.

The push camera inspection system is adaptable to a number of specialty applications. Choose from a pan/tilt camera or a self-axial camera — or use both interchangeably! The pan/tilt camera is easy to articulate due to joystick controls, and the camera can easily tilt 135 degrees in either direction while panning infinitely.

Ready for any challenge, Verisight sewer cameras are available with 130’, 200’ and 300’ reel options, a head spring that makes it easy to get past P traps and bends and a tri-band sonde capable of working with virtually any locator.

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