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Vactor Truck Rentals Improve Community Health

Sanitation is a top priority for every village, town and city in the world. A well-implemented sanitation program is essential to the health and happiness of your residents, and local governments who invest in the right types of equipment to keep their sewer and drainage systems clean are investing in the health of their communities.

At Haaker, we understand that the budgets of small towns and even large cities are often stretched thin. For some, purchasing expensive equipment just isn’t in the cards. That’s why we offer a range of affordable, convenient solutions so municipalities can get the cleaning power they need without breaking the budget. Our Vactor truck rental services allow cities to keep their communities safe and clean at prices they can afford.

Whether you rent or buy, using Vactor truck parts and equipment is essential to keeping your sewer and drainage systems in tip-top shape. Here are a few of the many reasons why this is important:


When sewage or stormwater systems become clogged or backed up, their toxic contents seep into the soil. This affects the quality of the soil, making it difficult to grow plants, including crops that communities depend on for food and income. Polluted lines also emit unpleasant aromas that contribute to air pollution.

Health Hazards

A lack of sanitation control often results in an increase of illnesses in cities. In 2015, for example, filthy water from backed up sewers plagued residents of Black Belt counties in Alabama. The atmosphere outside has become so toxic that some homeowners have even been warned not to let their children go out and play in their own yards. In addition to diseases, people can also contract parasites due to blocked, dirty sewer lines.

The Solution

One of the ways to address these issues is to maintain a regular schedule for sewage and drainage clean-ups. Using Vactor trucks is one of the most efficient methods to ensure free-flowing sewers and storm drains. Vactor trucks are able to simultaneously vacuum and send high-pressure water through the pipes, thereby successfully getting rid of obstructions efficiently.

Local districts have the option to buy their own units or simply rent from a trusted supplier if you don’t have a big budget.  When you rent units from Haaker, we take care of the maintenance and the replacement of Vactor truck parts so you can focus on keeping your community safe and clean. To learn more, contact us today!