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The Three Most Useful Types of Sewer Cleaning Tools For Your Business

Whether you have a small or large scale business, you’re likely a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of sewer cleaning tools available for you to rent or purchase. However, some systems and products do a much better job at cleaning sewers than others, due to the technology and design behind them.

Here are three of the top cleaning tools that businesses use to achieve the best results.

Centrifugal Compressor Vacuum

For plumbing businesses who expect, or already work on large scale projects such as towns or big industrial projects, it’s important to have equipment that can handle larger systems. Machinery with a centrifugal compressor vacuum is perfect for this as the tool can reach deeper depths than traditional tools.

A system such as this works by creating a vacuum which picks up debris. The deeper the system goes, the greater the vacuum becomes and the more effectively it gets cleaned.

Blower Filtration System

A cleaning job can come to a halt if debris becomes caught in the machinery. While not a tool that directly cleans a sewer, a blower filtration system plays a vital role in keeping sewer cleaning equipment in working order. A multi-stage blower filtration system will remove fluid and debris using several layers of filters, which will prevent anything getting stuck in the machine and causing a fault.

Layers may include mesh, to filter out small particles, and dual air ports that will separate the different types of material in the debris.

Types of Nozzle

Practically every sewer cleaning machine will have at least one type of nozzle, and some will have more than one. The type of nozzle used can have a big impact on the productivity of a machine, as if it’s not fit for purpose, the sewer may not be cleared properly.

If you’re looking for sewer nozzles for sale, choose one that is efficient. The best sewer nozzles will convert the waterflow and pressure into thrust effectively, which will make the system more powerful than it otherwise would be.

Use only well designed tools and equipment. Customers will be happy to see each job completed properly, and you can minimise the time a cleaning operation takes if you use the most appropriate tools and equipment.


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