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Vacuum Trucks for Sale: How They Benefit Communities

vacuum trucks for saleStreet sweeping delivers many benefits that most community members don’t event think about. Most notice improved aesthetics in areas where street sweepers are used, but the advantages reach far beyond visual appeal. When you invest in the vacuum trucks for sale at Haaker, you protect your community from a wealth of hazards and issues.

Increased Public Safety

For the public, safety is a primary concern, and it is the foundation of municipal cleaning. A variety of debris rest in street gutters, and removing it reduces the likelihood of collisions and skids while allowing drivers to more easily and safely identify roadway edges and curbs.

Enhanced Safety for Runners, Cyclists and Pedestrians

Drivers aren’t the only people who benefit from street sweepers. When they aren’t used, cyclists, pedestrians and runners are forced to dangerously swerve into roadways to avoid mud, debris and large items from construction or roadways. This is dangerous both to those walking, running and riding bikes, but also to drivers who would be caught off guard at their presence in the road. When street sweepers are used to clear the debris, the risk of major accidents and injuries is greatly reduced.

Environmental Protection

While people often notice the aesthetic benefits of using street sweepers, they may not notice the environmental benefits. Street sweepers remove hazardous waste products and metal particles left behind by trash or passing vehicles. Without street sweepers, these particles can cause untold harm to wildlife, particularly to the fish in our rivers, creeks, bays and beaches.

Management of Stormwater Runoff

Storm drains may quickly be clogged, causing blocks in runoff pathways, when debris at construction sites or in roadway gutters goes unchecked. Using a street sweeper to clear these areas allows for faster water drainage, which reduces the risk of water building on roadways. Additionally, this reduces erosion caused by the improper flow of runoff water.

Increased Safety for Pets and Wildlife

We love animals here at Haaker, and we are proud to offer used street sweepers and street sweepers for sale that help protect them. Wildlife (and pets!) are attracted to trash that includes food items, but this debris may contain items that are hazardous to their health. Using a street sweeper to remove trash can reduce the risk of illness and death due of hungry or curious animals. Removing the debris also reduces the risk of animals being killed or injured by cars on the roadways.

Less Car Damages

Vehicles can be seriously damaged by debris in the roads, and abrasion is the most common cause of damage to automobile finishes. Items on the road can also cause undercoating issues, but using one of our vacuum trucks for sale can reduce this risk.

Learn More About Our Vacuum Trucks for Sale

These benefits make it clear that investing in one of our vacuum trucks for sale minimizes safety hazards in more ways than one. To learn more, contact us today!