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Weigh the Pros and Cons of Renting vs. Buying Vacuum Trucks for Sale

Keeping your community clean is not just all about having a clean surface; what goes on underground is equally just as important. If you want to remove the threat of backflows, sewage overflows, or just general flooding because of sewage or drain clogs, then you might want to consider investing in vacuum trucks for sale.

These tanker trucks are specifically designed to suck out sludge, sand and water mixtures, or general liquids to clear the waterways underground. With vacuum trucks, there is less need for operation personnel because they are automated.

It definitely is a serious investment, though, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of buying one for the exclusive use of your community or if renting one is a lot more practical.


One of the chief concerns about having your own vacuum truck is if you’ll be able to properly maintain it. Owning the truck also means being saddled with the responsibility to repair anything that breaks and looking for a temporary replacement truck when necessary. This can prove to be a highly tedious task especially if you do not have the staff to deal with it.

Maintaining a rental isn’t going to be your problem. If it breaks, one call to the supplier is all it takes to get the unit replaced by a working one. Once the service is done, the vacuum truck then goes on its way back to its provider. You also won’t have to worry about allocating space to park it.


A big community that will need vacuum truck services on a regular basis (several times a week at least) can probably justify the purchase of their own trucks. Even if you decide to buy your own unit, you may still want to consider whether you need a brand new one or if a used vacuum truck will do. Often, this decision is heavily influenced by available budget. On the other hand, it would make better financial sense for smaller communities to just rent vacuum trucks.

The same considerations apply for other vehicle types like used street sweepers. Companies like HAAKER can help you make the right choice, so make sure to consult with them before making a decision.


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