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Avoiding Biohazards When Working with Sewer Cleaning Tools

Biohazards exist everywhere. They are expelled with every sneeze and cough, cover every door handle and are present in every handshake. Their omnipotence means you must protect yourself against them, and while for most people, up-to-date vaccinations and regular hand-washing provide adequate protection, those who work around sewers have a higher risk of disease and infection from biohazard exposure. Like nurses and doctors who take extra measures to reduce that exposure, so should workers who come into contact with biohazards.

The greatest step you can take to safeguard your health is to use the correct type of personal protective equipment (PPE). You take great care to select the best sewer cleaning tools, sewer nozzles for sale and sewer cleaning truck equipment, so why not choose the best options for protecting your health and well-being?

Whenever you are working around sewers, you need the following protective equipment to reduce the likelihood that you will contract an infection or disease from sewage:

Gloves. These protect your skin from abrasions, which are a common path for infection. They also keep viruses and bacteria off your skin.

Boots. Your feet need protection from contact with biohazards and so do your lower legs. Choose a tall pair for the most protection. Wearing boots and leaving them on-site also ensures that bacteria isn’t tracked into your personal vehicle or home.

Face shield or safety glasses. Your eyes are vulnerable to contact with biohazards. Protect them from sprays and splashes with safety glasses or face shields.

Respirators. Sprays and splashes can also be combatted with respirators, which also filter out airborne toxins so you can breathe safely on the job without risking your health.

Coveralls. A good pair of well-made coveralls can protect your clothing and body from contact with biohazards.

Our team is happy to suggest more ways you can stay safe on the job. Contact us today to learn more!