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Understanding Sonetics’ Listen-Through Technology 

If you’ve ever worked in a high-noise environment, you understand the difficulty of wanting to protect your hearing while also needing to be able to hear your coworkers and surroundings. Wearing earplugs or ear muffs may protect your ears, but does it put you at risk by muffling important communications and sounds? Going...
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Sweeping and Pollution Control FAQs

Street sweeping is a practical approach to reducing water and air pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes sweeping as a Best Management Practice, and our fleet of Elgin street sweepers are valuable tools in the fight against pollution. If you’re curious about the connection between sweeping and pollution control, keep reading to discover...
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Less Time. Less Effort: Vactor’s IntuiTouch Control System

We are always looking for better ways to work. Vactor’s IntuiTouch Control System delivers with its intuitive, informative, intelligent design. This system reduces operator fatigue and stress all while simplifying your job setup, making work more efficient and cutting downtown.  Inside the cab, the IntuiTouch Control System features a 7” touch-screen control with...
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