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CES Brings Accuracy and Skill to Cross Bore Inspection

Founded in 1995, Compliance EnviroSystems, LLC (CES) focused exclusively on traditional mainline inspections and off-road specialty work. Its team became well-known for their ability to identify existing issues and prevent future crises in the sewer systems they assessed.  In 2015, the company added a new service locating cross bores for natural gas companies....
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Combat Inflow and Infiltration Strategically

Primary sources of inflow and infiltration (I&I) include leaky manholes, lateral connections and sewer mains–yet too often rehabilitation efforts target assets indiscriminately. And while I&I can account for up to 45% of the throughput at a treatment plant, an analysis-driven strategy to address I&I is seldom discussed. If municipalities identify I&I problem areas, they can address the...
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Used Street Sweepers Help Maintain Communities

Street sweeping should be part of every community’s regular maintenance routine. When it isn’t, litter, debris and trash can start piling up in the streets, causing hazards to both pedestrians and motorists. Mechanical street sweepers make easy work of this clean up, ensuring your streets are clean, safe and attractive. Heavy Construction Debris...
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