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Conserving Water without Skimping on Sewer Maintenance

Did you know up to 35% of sewer lines are jetted unnecessarily?  And still more water is wasted with poor nozzle selection. Before you reach for the jetter hose there are critical steps you can take to determine whether a pipe needs cleaning — and if so, what kind.  With water supplied dwindling,...
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Our Favorite Parking Lot Sweepers in Phoenix

Here at Haaker Equipment Company, we offer a wide variety of parking lot sweepers for sale in Phoenix, AZ. These diverse sweepers are manufactured by some of the best companies in the business, including Nite-Hawk, Madvac and Nilfisk-Advance. Check out some of the parking lot sweepers below that help you clean your lot...
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Maintaining Your Street Sweeper in Los Angeles

The best thing you can do for your street sweeper in Los Angeles is maintain it. Committing to preventative maintenance can save you from bigger, more serious and more expensive headaches down the road, so follow these tips to keep your street sweeper performing at its best. Tips for Maintaining Your Street Sweeper...
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