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Award-Winning Jetscan Video Nozzle

Environmental Protection awarded Envirosight’s Jetscan its New Product of the Year Award. This award recognizes innovative organizations and products that actively work to make the jobs of environmental professionals easier. In fact, Jetscan earned the highest score of all entries in the competition.  Jetscan, a video nozzle that can attach to any better...
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Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Street Sweeper in Los Angeles

The best thing you can do for your street sweeper in Los Angeles is maintain it. Practicing preventative maintenance can save you from bigger, more serious headaches down the road, so follow these tips to keep your equipment performing at its best. Top Preventative Maintenance Tips for Street Sweepers in Los Angeles 1....
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Friends Don’t Let Friends Jet Blind

The cost of not having a visual inside the sewers you’re jetting can be costly. Risking having to come back to clean lines adds unnecessary costs in terms of dollars, personnel hours, gallons of water and liability. Being able to immediately assess whether the line requires another round of jetting alleviates the need...
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