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Troubleshooting Your Floor Scrubber

Walk-behind and ride-on floor scrubbers boost productivity, enable quicker dry times, use less water than conventional methods and increase cleaning efficiency. But what do you do if yours isn’t performing at its best? Check out this troubleshooting guide to better understand what may be causing issues with your floor scrubber in Los Angeles:...
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Introducing the Elgin RegenX Street Sweeper for Sale in Los Angeles

Since 1914, Elgin air sweepers have been cleaning roadways around the country. While Elgin’s equipment have certainly grown and improved since then, their dedication to performance and quality remains unchanged. Clean streets boost overall community health, make our neighborhoods more attractive, prevent water pollution and improve air quality. When John Murphy founded Elgin...
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What’s Your Sewer IQ? Take the Envirosight Pipe Failure Quiz!

The operation and maintenance of sewer pipes is an integral part of a wastewater professional’s job description. Properly maintained pipes provide for the safe and efficient transportation of wastewater to and from treatment plants. When pipes fail, the whole sewer infrastructure is at the risk of breaking down. Take this quiz to test...
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