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Street Sweeping and Pollution Control FAQs

One of the most practical ways to reduce water and air pollution is to literally sweep it off the streets. Elgin’s street sweepers are one of the most valuable tools we have in the fight against pollution. Here are some of the most frequently-asked questions we are asked about this important topic: Can...
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Madvac Street Sweepers Benefit All Cities and Towns

Whether you live in a small town or a busy metropolis, it’s important that the place you call home looks its best. Clean streets are fundamental to creating a positive impression, and they provide many other benefits as well.  Clean Streets Reduce Pests  Decomposting trash is a feast for pigeons, flies, rats and...
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Sonetics Wireless Headsets Reduce Communication Breakdowns

Communication breakdowns are the top contributing factor for on-the-job accidents.  How can you prevent these breakdowns that lead to serious accidents?  Simple: Protect your team with Sonetics wireless headsets.  These headsets promote industrial safety by protecting hearing and allowing for clear conversational communication, keep hands free so you can focus on the tasks...
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