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Line Cleaning Technologies, Tools and Techniques for Safe Sewer Cleaning

Every sewer equipment operator must have a solid grasp on line cleaning technologies, tools and techniques for safely jetting, vacuuming and maintaining their sewer cleaning truck. Keep reading to better understand the importance of safety and knowing your work environment before starting your next sewer cleaning job.  Understand Your Work Environment  Being aware...
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How Long Should a Crawler Sewer Inspection Take?

Although crawler inspections can be done in a variety of ways, they all share the same goal: assessing the condition of a pipe. We can’t determine much about the condition of a pipe from above the ground, so we use technology to gather underground insights and learn more. This technology helps us understand...
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Elgin Crosswind: A versatile, reliable regenerative air sweeper

If you’re looking for a versatile and reliable regenerative air sweeper, look no further than the Elgin Crosswind. This machine combines outstanding performance with a simplified, low-maintenance design featuring a high performance sweep system and user-friendly controls. Perfect for airports, contractors, municipalities and general maintenance, the Crosswind exemplifies all the reasons why Elgin...
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