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How a Vactor Truck Can Keep Your Community Clean After the Floods

The following excerpt appeared on National Post on May 7, 2013: CALGARY—In a southeast Calgary industrial patch normally reserved for mounds of snow cleared from wintry streets, a sour-smelling lake of dirt, silt and mud is growing—sludge left behind by the unprecedented rise of the Bow and Elbow rivers last month.

006 PM 10 Water Pump rebuild

Effected Products: Elgin Sweeper All Models with PM10 Water Pump Part Number: 1064936 TIP #006 8/16/2013 C.O.     Disassembly Instructions 1. Remove the 8 casing bolts (#5) and casing (#1), discard casing o-rings (#7) 2. Pull the diffuser & venturi tube from casing and discard o-ring (#9) 3. Remove impeller nut (#10)...
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