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CES Brings Accuracy and Skill to Cross Bore Inspection

Founded in 1995, Compliance EnviroSystems, LLC (CES) focused exclusively on traditional mainline inspections and off-road specialty work. Its team became well-known for their ability to identify existing issues and prevent future crises in the sewer systems they assessed. 

In 2015, the company added a new service locating cross bores for natural gas companies. Its first project was with a major contracting partner managing a heavy workload across Louisiana and Texas. The project required a complete inspection of both sewer and lateral lines to ensure the areas were free of dangerous gas line cross bores. To access lateral lines, CES would need an inspection camera that was nimble, intuitive and adept at traversing tight, irregular pipes. After looking into multiple systems, they found one that perfectly fit the bill, the ROVVER X SAT. Today, cross bore inspection services are a big part of the company’s service offering. In fact, CES’s strategic growth serves as a model for contractors and organizations in the infrastructure management industry looking to expand. 

Its formula for success? The perfect combination of industry expertise, agile technology and data quality control processes. Learn more about CES’s story and its road to cross bore inspection services in CES Brings Accuracy and Skill to Cross Bore Inspection.