Helping Your Street Sweeper Fleet Recover from Summer Heat

Serving Los Angeles, the Central Valley, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas, we get heat here at Haaker. As we approach the end of the year, most of our customers are finally seeing temperatures dip below 70 or so during the day. This makes December the perfect time of year to inspect your street sweeper fleet for wear and tear caused by high outdoor temps, sun exposure and scorching hot pavement. Humidity, summer storms and wind may have also done damage. Check out these maintenance tips to help you recover from any damage and keep your equipment running at peak performance, and contact our Service Department immediately should you need repairs or replacement parts.

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Conduct a Thorough Inspection

You should already be doing routine inspections every time you take your equipment out for a job, but there are few extra things to look for at the end of the hotter seasons. Heat can take a toll on virtually every component of your equipment. Check your fluids and, if needed, change the oil. If your coolant system has been working overtime for months, consider flushing the entire system before topping off liquids. Be aware that high temperatures can extreme weather can also reduce the life of your battery. Finally, take a good look at your tires. Frequent contact with hot pavement can thin the tread more quickly than normally. Your tire pressure may also need adjusting as the temperatures change.

Check Your Fuel System

Fuel systems often sustain damages during the hotter months of the year. It’s when the most gasoline is consumed throughout the United States, and fuel quality often declines as a result. Summer-blend gasoline tends to have a higher evaporation temperature, which decreases pollution and reduces the risk of fuel chamber damages but also decrease overall fuel quality. Now that the season has changed, you may think about flushing your fuel system or using a cleaning additive on your equipment.

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Replace or Repair Worn Parts

As you conduct your inspection, look out for worn parts that may need repairs or replacement. Prep for the new season by switching out damaged or old wipers, check all bulbs on your vehicle and wipe off any grime obstructing lights.

We wish you a pleasant start to winter and cooler weather!

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