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High-Resolution Sewer Inspection Equipment Can Help Prevent Flooding

After experiencing a massive drought in recent months, many people in California greeted rain with open arms. Unfortunately, the heavy downpour was too much for the area to handle. According to a report from Reuters the heavy rains raised the chances of flash flooding in the area:

Rain Soaks

“A large winter storm brought much-needed relief to parched California on Friday, boosting depleted reservoirs and the Sierra Nevada’s mountain snowpack, but officials said the precipitation would be too little to offset years of drought.

The heavy rains also prompted flash flood warnings across much of Southern California and posed a particular threat to foothill communities where recent wildfires stripped vegetation from large areas, leaving homes below vulnerable to potential mudslides.”

Flooding is a common sight in California. Studies have shown that roughly $353 million worth of insurance claims in the state have been attributed to flooding. As such, it is important that sewer lines stay clear of debris to allow the proper drainage of excess water. Unfortunately, trash thrown on the sidewalk or flushed down the toilet easily collect along the grills of drain pipes and block the escape of water.

Although the obvious solution to this problem would be for people to stop the improper disposal of trash, there needs to be a reliable debris clearing plan in place to prevent sewers from clogging up. One such method would be for maintenance crews to use sturdy sewer inspection equipment.

Using high-resolution sewer cameras can allow maintenance crews to actively monitor the condition of the sewer system, including the accumulation of debris. This proactive solution can help these professionals to act quickly and prevent trash from piling up in the first place. As a result, the chances of flash flooding due to heavy rains can be minimized or even be prevented altogether.

It takes the cooperation of an entire community to prevent floods from occurring often. However, sewer maintenance crews can do their part by actively monitoring for any signs of blockage in the sewer lines. If new sewer inspection and cleaning equipment are necessary, be sure to purchase these machines from reputable providers like Haaker Equipment Company.

(Source: Rain soaks California causing floods but won’t end drought, Reuters, March 1, 2014)