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Increase Productivity, Lower Costs with CleverScan for Manhole Inspections

Detail and productivity are what manhole inspections are all about. What if you could perform a fully-automated, high-res, rapid manhole inspection with just the press of a button?

Now you can.

With the press of a button, Envirosight’s CleverScan generates a flat scan with image detail from every inch of manhole wall, plus a dense point cloud you can easily merge into any 3D or CAD application.

Use it anywhere and deploy it in minutes thanks to its compact, lightweight design.

CleverScan Features

  • Fully automated system scans manholes with the press of a button
  • Four laser scanners create a dense point cloud for 3D analysis
  • Reel lowers cameras as far as 31 feet into manholes
  • Strobing LEDs help generate bright, evenly-lit image scans
  • Range-finder sense depth of manhole automatically to control probe descent
  • Adjustable tripod sits securely in manhole ring and adjusts to uneven pavement

CleverScan Benefits

High-Res Imagery

CleverScan captures video and builds detailed images using powerful illumination and five HD cameras. The result is high-res detail from every inch of the manhole wall, letting you quickly scan for infiltration and structural defects. You can even annotate and measure the scan using tools in the CleverScan software, making it easy to create detailed reports.

Capture Manhole Geometry

The four lasers of the CleverScan capture manhole geometry, generating a high-res point cloud. Use this data for taking measurements for rehab projects, performing capacity studies and populating CAD models. This data is exportable to any common format and can be directly viewed using CleverScan software.

Keep Costs Low

The CleverScan keeps inspection costs low by increasing productivity, lowering operating costs and keeping overhead costs low with its portable, compact and lightweight design.

If you want to learn more about how the CleverScan boosts productivity and delivers the most comprehensive manhole scans possible, contact Haaker today to schedule your FREE demo!