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Inspections Using Sewer Cameras

Inspections Using Sewer Cameras Can Help Your Community Avoid Backup

Have you ever wondered where the wastewater produced by each home in your neighborhood ends up after being flushed or drained? What do you think would happen if suddenly this wastewater backs up into your home or onto the streets?

Pipes of various sizes run behind your walls, underneath your property, and into the community drainage and sewage system. They are responsible for conveying dirty water, including sewage materials, away from residential and commercial spaces. Without them, your home is under threat from diseases caused by sanitation issues.

Because the sewage system is located underground, it’s not easy to monitor its condition. While your local government may be sending out people to inspect each sewer line every once in a while, there’s no guarantee that the system is safe from potential damage, clogging, or leak, which can wreak havoc on your neighborhood and leave thousands of dollars in damage to residential and commercial properties.

Regular inspection of the sewer network is crucial. No matter the season, whether it’s summer or spring, checking for possible causes of backup or leak into the community must be done as often as possible.

Some Signs that Major Cleaning and Renovation Is Necessary

Renovating the sewage system is a huge decision for the community. Not only will it entail huge expenses, but could also affect the day-to-day activities of the constituents, especially if the project involves shutting down water supply. This, however, can no longer be avoided when certain signs are found.

For instance, if the sewer system is discovered to have been too old and severely worn down, it has to be replaced or else the sewage material may start seeping into the adjacent soil and reach the water supply. The same course action has to be taken if the system consists of combined pipelines, as the main pipe may not be able to handle large volumes of storm water and sewage during a storm.

How Experts Determine the Signs

Inspecting the sewer system may prove challenging even to experienced professionals. There can be areas that are difficult or impossible to access. With the advent of devices like sewer cameras, however, sewer inspection has never been more efficient. Maintenance service providers now use a push camera inspection system to look into small pipes and determine risks of sewage backup.

Whether you are a government-funded or private sewage system maintenance firm, you will need the most advanced equipment and techniques to be able to perform your job well. Consider investing in devices like cameras and rovers from a trusted supplier.