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Quality Vactor Truck Parts Increase Worker Safety

Anyone working with machinery needs to ensure they’re maintaining safe practices and that the equipment they use are safe. For those working outside and who are exposed to potentially hazardous materials, such as in the sewer or street cleaning industries, it’s extra important to put measures in place to keep staff safe while at work.

Here are some things employers can do to prevent their staff being at risk of injury or sickness.

Use High Quality Machinery

Machinery that has been designed specifically for a certain job, and that has quality parts, is the best choice for employers for many reasons, not least because it will be more efficient and longer lasting than other equipment.

However, high quality machinery also keep employees safe because it will address or eliminate any potential areas of risk to them. For example, Vactor truck parts such as hose reels have the controls mounted at the front. This provides a safe working area for staff.

Also, well made and designed machinery will prevent leakage of waste and debris that could put the health of users at risk.

Get Machinery Serviced

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires certain machinery to be serviced by law, but apart from this, well-serviced products can ensure staff are not at risk of illness or injury while at work.

Servicing your machinery will ensure all parts are in good order and working efficiently, so your employees and your reputation won’t be damaged by unreliable equipment or spares.

If you don’t want to service machinery yourself, you can consider renting instead. You won’t have to maintain a street sweeper rental or a vacuum truck, as the company you rent from will need to do it instead.

Provide Protective Equipment

Always give your staff the protective equipment they need to do their job. This may include helmets, gloves, safety goggles, heavy duty footwear, gas masks, overalls, and other personal protective equipment their tasks may require.

Electronic tools such as camera systems and backup machinery parts will allow staff to complete their jobs more safely and efficiently. Adequate training and paper record keeping will ensure all staff know how to operate machinery effectively and record their work too. If something still goes wrong, it will be easier to determine accountability.

They may be in hazardous situations, but there’s no reason why your staff can’t stay healthy and safe at while at work. Buy or rent high quality machinery and provide suitable equipment to your staff so your business will run more smoothly and efficiently.