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Natural Gas

Ready to Go Into Action with a High-Quality Street Sweeper for Sale

Vehicles tasked for public works duties will have a raft of power sources marked for them that can be environmentally friendly. As noted on the state vehicles news portal Government Fleet:

Natural Gas

“The City of Sacramento moved toward compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles with the purchase of its first heavy-duty CNG vehicles — two Elgin Broom Bear four-wheel mechanical broom sweepers. Its other natural gas vehicles include some light-duty CNG cars and trucks, a liquefied natural gas (LNG) refuse fleet.

“We ran the numbers and found a few areas where compressed natural gas just makes dollars and cents,” said Christopher Kerhulas, shop foreman. He added that diversifying away from LNG means the city isn’t only relying on LNG transports from Boron, Calif., for its natural gas transportation needs.”

Mobilizing more heavy-duty units for sweep duties is appropriate in big population or metropolitan centers, such as Sacramento and L.A. A city will always have a vast road network that requires frequent service runs after hours or even during off-peak periods in daytime. Public works authorities in other large population centers or even in smaller communities can have an advantage on cleanliness by acquiring a quality street sweeper for sale through trusted providers like Haaker Equipment Company.

The Broom Bear is one of the tougher products in Elgin’s lineup of dependable street sweepers. Set on a Freightliner chassis, the vehicle’s centerpiece is a conveyor system configured to match the speed of its two side brooms and center broom, a 4.5-cubic-yard hopper, and three water tanks with a combined volume of 360 gallons. Kerhulas says the vehicle’s specifications will be enough for longer sweeping runs.

Although a Broom Bear may also work for your area’s streets, companies like Haaker Equipment Company can help arrange a street sweeper rental so you can fully test the equipment’s capabilities. The provider’s leasing terms will include $1 million in liability and property damage insurance, and comprehensive/collision coverage as indicated in a fully labeled insurance certificate.

The potential for energy and cost savings by acquiring CNG sweepers is evident. According to Kerhulas, the new Broom Bears are replacing two dual-diesel sweepers, enabling fuel savings of up to $6,650 a year. An order for two more broom sweepers is currently in the works.

(Source: Calif. City Fuels Sweepers with Renewable Natural Gas, Government Fleet, 6 March 2014)