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Smarter Jetting with Zoom Cameras

The modern environmental movement was born nearly 50 years ago, and in that time, more and more have become concerned with the state of the planet, taking a hard look at how their actions affect our environment. We are doing the same here at Haaker Equipment Company, asking ourselves how we can reduce water usage when it comes to sewer cleaning. 

The most effective solution is a simple one — jetting smarter. 

Since sewers are often cleaned by jetting the pipes with fresh water until they run clear, the process requires huge quantities of water. You can easily waste thousands of gallons only to realize that the pipe was already clean. Massive amounts of water are also wasted when the wrong size nozzle is used — this means that the pipe may need multiple passes with the jetter. Every pass increases water consumption significantly. 

There’s a smarter, more environmentally-friendly way to handle the sewer cleaning process: pre-screening sewer pipes. This step can reduce water usage by as much as half. 

Zoom Cameras Offer a Smarter, Eco-Friendly Solution for Sewer Cleaning

Zoom cameras, like the ones from Envirosight in our inventory, can be used to understand the type of cleaning your sewers need. These cameras reveal the pipe’s condition when lowered into a manhole and adjusted to the pipe’s length. After a zoom assessment, if the pipe looks clean, you don’t need to jet it. If it does need cleaning, you can use the zoom camera to choose the best nozzle for the job. 

In both of these scenarios, using a zoom camera can drastically reduce the amount of water needed for your project. Adding a zoom camera to your arsenal of sewer cleaning supplies can save thousands of gallons of water while giving you useful information. This in turn saves you time and money. The best part though is that this process is so simple that integrating with your existing workflow is seamless. You’ll get all the important info you need to make the best choices on how to proceed forward, all with minimal disruption. 

Stop getting pipes blindly and invest in a zoom camera today to save water, time and money. Contact us today to schedule your FREE demo! 

About Envirosight

Envirosight is a full-service manufacturer of sewer inspection crawlers, zoom and push cameras, manhole scanners and inspection vehicles. They are committed to ongoing innovation, delivering products that enhance productivity and inspection detail.