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Street Sweepers in Las Vegas for Industrial and Construction Applications

Our inventory of Elign Broom Street Sweepers in Las Vegas represents the best in today’s sweeping technology — including mechanical, pure vacuum sweepers, alternative fuel, regenerative air and waterless dust control. We offer customers street sweepers for sale that match their needs, from general maintenance to special industrial applications.

Elgin Street Sweepers in Las Vegas for Industrial Sweeping Applications

Cement: Cement plants require durable sweepers to clean up spilled materials like coke, crushed lime and finished cement product.

Power Plants: Typical contaminants in power plants include coal, fly ash and coal dust that are dry bulk powder. Using water can make picking up less efficient by making material stickier.

Grain Processing: Sweepers in these facilities must be able to pick up fine grains, like processed wheat or corn. These dry bulk powders react to water, causing fermentation, stickiness and odor problems. Dry sweeping is best, and our Las Vegas Elgin street sweepers can get the job done quickly.

Lime and Quarry Processing: These operations need to move sweepers out on ancillary and main roads where material spillage happens, and they require sweepers that can easily remove gravel, lime dust and sand.

Street Sweepers for Construction Applications

Municipal Sweeping: Many public works departments in the Las Vegas area rely on Elgin street sweepers to keep their municipalities cleaner, safer and more attractive.

Road Construction: If you are a road construction contractor, you need a sweeper that can handle all kinds of heavy material, like asphalt, concrete millings, mud, broken pavement and construction debris. The sweepers you choose must be able to dump into staged dump trucks to avoid leaving the road construction site.

We are happy to recommend the best Elgin Street Sweeper for sale in Las Vegas for your needs. No matter your industry, there’s an Elgin for the job. Over a century of manufacturing, engineering and technical know-how goes into every sweeper in our inventory, making these machines “Built for Clean. Backed for Life.” To schedule your FREE demo of an Elgin street sweeper, contact the team at Haaker today!