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Street Sweepers

How Street Sweepers for Sale Play a Crucial Role in Road Maintenance

Americans log millions of miles on the highway each day, but only a handful of people take time to appreciate roads. However, cities and municipalities know the importance of this infrastructure. Roads and streets, after all, are the arteries through which daily life courses through. Without them, imagine how hard it would be to transport produce from farms to the corner grocery store. Prices of even the most basic commodities would skyrocket as a result.

Street Sweepers

Why Road Maintenance is Important

Roads are also crucial for expanding economic development to all parts of the country. Where highways are constructed, businesses soon follow. And when these businesses flourish, so do employment opportunities.

Making sure that these “arteries” are healthy is a major factor in sustaining economic growth, and failure to do so has ramifications for cities and municipalities. For instance, ignoring maintenance may ultimately lead to road failure, which can cost the public up to three times what maintenance costs would have been–a lot of money that could have been used towards other projects.

Maintaining the Road Network

Faulty roads also incur indirect costs. If a highway is in disrepair, vehicles are forced to use more fuel and are also more prone to repairs. As such, businesses may be reluctant to use a certain stretch of road, taking circuitous detours that affect the price of their goods.

Fortunately, road maintenance can begin with simply cleaning the pavement. That being said, maintaining the country’s highways is no easy task. According to the National Highway System, the United States of America has 160,000 miles of highways in its territory, and no matter how you cut it, that’s a lot of ground to cover.

Street Sweepers Can Help

Fortunately, there are advanced street sweepers for sale that make the job that much easier. The Elgin Broom Bear, for instance, is specially engineered to be an efficient heavy-duty street cleaner. It was designed with a large hopper and water capacity so the operator can clean a greater surface area before needing a refill. The equipment is also designed to be user friendly, so that personnel can spend more time cleaning the road instead of fiddling with controls.

Cities and municipalities should only work with trusted companies such as Haaker, which also offers vacuum trucks for sale, making it a one-stop-shop for all industrial maintenance needs.

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