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The Quietest Street Sweeper in Phoenix

Powerful, efficient and silent, there’s nothing else like the Nitehawk Raptor II. Engineered to perform in the most diverse operating environments, the Raptor II is the result of 35 years of design and field testing, and it shows. It’s one of our favorite street sweepers in Phoenix – schedule your free demo today to see why.

Features of the Raptor II Street Sweeper

Innovative controls are customized for operators and user-friendly. Advanced hydraulics generate power and reliability where you need it most. The low cab forward design gives you safety, visibility and maneuverability. You get performance with efficiency because there is no auxiliary engine, and the Stealth Sweeping System delivers the quietest performance of any sweeper.

Standard features include a 5-cubic yard hopper, oversize access doors, rear storage toolboxes, no-clog screen, high flow fan, HD rear bumper, LED work lights, curb broom accumulator, hopper abrasion plates and industrial grade powder coating.

Application Specific Design Makes Raptor II Ideal for Any Market

The Raptor II is engineered to perform in the most diverse operating environments, including:

Airports / Stadiums / Colleges / Fairgrounds / Malls / Factories / Hospitals / Parks / Cities / Highways / Counties / Buildings / Schools / Ports / Paved Trails / Event Spaces / Power Plants / Highways / Parking Decks / Construction Zones

Best of all, the Raptor II street sweeper can be fully customized to your specific needs. From a passenger side curb broom to auxiliary side suction hose, a custom wrap design or supplemental storage systems, we can help you build your own Raptor II.

Want to see it in action? Contact the team here at Haaker today to schedule your FREE demo of this powerful, quiet and efficient street sweeper in Phoenix.