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Sewer Video

Things You Need to Know about Sewer Inspection Equipment and Cameras

Your sewers might be crawling with potential problems and clogs without you being the wiser – well, this is true in the past, at least. Today’s technology has given sewer inspectors and homeowners the ability to inspect their sewage pipes before planning the repair strategy. This is where the reliable sewer cameras come into play. Here is some important information about how this process works:

Sewer VideoWhat It Is

Sewer inspection typically involves running a specialized video camera into plumbing fixtures like your bathtub or faucet, or through your home’s main sewer line that connects it to the municipal lines. The camera allows you to see in great detail almost everything that’s inside the pipes until it gives you a glimpse into the root of the problem.

When to Get an Inspection

According to, video sewer inspections are an infrequent yet necessary part of home ownership:

This would not be a frequent occurrence. But you might need a video inspection if you plan to add a bathroom or remodel your kitchen or a bathroom. Because of the greater quantities of waste water involved, you may want to inspect your sewer line to make sure that it can handle the increased needs.

What You Can Find

Throughout your inspection, you will see the insides of your sewer system through the eyes of the camera as it moves down the sewer line through other obstructions. Unless the clog renders the camera completely unable to proceed, it might even be able to continue through to the municipal line.

Hire a Professional

Don’t perform a sewer inspection on your own, since this can damage your pipes more instead of enabling their repair. Professional sewer inspectors, on the other hand, have the necessary skills, training and equipment to make sure that the project gets completed without a hitch. They also depend on specialty rental companies like Haaker to provide them professional rentals of efficient sewer inspection equipment.

The proper sewer repair and maintenance can help keep your home safe from the dangers of a failed plumbing system. Thanks to the trusty sewer video cameras, you don’t have to practically dig out your entire backyard just to see what’s wrong.

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