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How Vactor Sewer Cleaners for Municipalities Save Time, Effort and Expense

Every single day of the year, Vactor equipment is working hard across the United States to help communities clean, protect and repair their infrastructure while increasing the wellbeing and health of families. We are proud to be part of that mission by offering the best Vactor sewer cleaners for municipalities throughout Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Cities both large and small trust Vactor because of their commitment to greater productivity, operating ease and reliability you can count on to save time, effort and expense. Here are just some of the ways Vactor sewer cleaners for municipalities can benefit your community.

Vactor Sewer Cleaners for Municipalities Can Handle the Toughest Jobs

It’s true — Vactor’s industry-leading sewer cleaners, catch basin cleaners and more can handle any challenges thrown their way. No matter the ever-growing needs your community is facing, we can offer you the right Vactor equipment to conquer them.

Vactor Sewer Cleaners for Municipalities Empower Operators

We believe in offering equipment that empowers operators and makes their jobs easier. So does Vactor, and that commitment is evident in their wide range of innovative performance features and options.

The IntuiTouch Control System, for example, puts greater control right at your fingertips. Available on the iMPACT and 2100i combination sewer cleaners, IntuiTouch reduces operator stress and fatigue while speeding up work, simplifying setup and reducing downtime. The cab features a 7” touch screen control with backlit tactile buttons, and outside is a control station that makes it easy to access all cleaning system functions. This innovation lets operators stay in control anywhere on a job site, revolutionizes the way operators work and keeps your team safer on the job.

Vactor Sewer Cleaners for Municipalities Deliver Durability You Can Count On

Every sewer cleaner made by Vactor is engineered for reliability and durability. Exclusive features deliver high performance, lower maintenance costs and longer life. The goal is to save you expense, time and effort in both the short- and long-term, and Vactor delivers.

Vactor Sewer Cleaners for Municipalities Save Taxpayer Money

All municipalities have to balance providing services with spending taxpayer dollars wisely. Vactor understands this balance and delivers lower-cost equipment that never sacrifices performance or quality.

A perfect example is the iMPACT combination sewer cleaner. The iMPACT offers big performance without taking a big bite into your budget. It offers IntuiTouch in-cab controls, a low maintenance Jet Rodder water pump for smooth continuous flows, a Multi-Flow system for better fuel economy and can even be configured as a non-CDL unit.

Haaker and Vactor: A Partnership Municipalities Can Trust

Vactor’s roots in manufacturing date back more than a century, and Haaker has been working harder for you since 1972! Our partnership is built on a mutual commitment to quality and reliability, and every sewer cleaner we sell is backed by our highly experienced and trained technicians that are here for you if you need them, whenever you need them.

Learn more about how our Vactor sewer cleaners for municipalities in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada can save you time, money and expense. Contact us today to speak with one of our sewer cleaning specialists and schedule your free in-person demo!