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Vactor Truck Parts Essential for Clearing Sewer Debris

The supervisor of the town of Wheatfield, New York got a startling surprise recently when he learned what residents have been flushing down their toilets.

The town, near Buffalo, had been experiencing sewer issues, according to local news outlet Spectrum. When the water and sewer department investigated, the results were shocking.

Children’s toys.

These items were all found in the sewer system, along with feminine products and cleaning wipes (which are admittedly far more common than children’s toys!).

The department also discovered that residents were dumping cooking grease down their sinks and garbage disposals. Grease from bacon, hamburgers and other foods hardened in the sewers, bound with the cleaning wipes and contributed to major damages to Wheatfield’s 16 pump stations.

After discovering the issues, the department installed wire baskets in the sewers to catch some of the debris. Residents also received letters reminding them to only flush toilet paper and waste.

While Wheatfield’s debris may be a tad unusual, it isn’t out of the ordinary for towns to experience sewer issues. Clogging problems can also occur at industrial and commercial establishments.

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