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Vactor Truck Parts and Sewer Cleaning Equipment Protect Municipal Infrastructure

When sewer systems age, they become more prone to deterioration, blockage, and (in the worst-case scenario) collapse. That’s why we are proud to carry Vactor truck parts and equipment. For over five decades, Vactor has designed and manufactured the industry’s best tools for cleaning and maintaining catch basins, sewer lines and storm sewers. Our inventory includes Vactor truck parts, sewer cleaners, excavating equipment, jetters and even Vactor truck rental options.

Vactor Truck Parts and Combination Sewer Cleaners

Our inventory of Vactor truck parts includes pieces needed to repair and maintain the company’s sewer cleaners. This equipment, including the Vactor 2100 Plus, features “Smart Truck” innovations that give the operator sequencing functions that reduce the risk of equipment misuse, better protecting both the operator and your investment. The jackhammer action of the Vactor Jet Rodder water pump is also exclusive to the line.


Vactor has produced two high-quality jetters, the Ramjet trailer and the Ramjet truck. The trailer is available with a skid mount, and the truck-mounted version is ideal for any regular line maintenance program. Both jets effectively and efficiently break up blockages, scour sewer lines and flush out debris. Every angle can be targeted with the rotating rear hose reel, which allows the operator to align over virtually any utility hole. Not even winter weather can stop this equipment — the Ramjet truck comes with a shroud that enables the system to be used year-round.


Vactor excavators are ideal for maintaining safety on both ordinary and extreme maintenance and repair jobs. These powerful machines can handle small jobs with precision and have enough power to take care of major excavations.

To learn more about these Vactor products (or our street sweeper rental!), contact us today. We are happy to recommend the best Vactor equipment for your needs and budget.