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Vactor Truck Rental: Cleanliness and Optimal Functioning of Sewer Systems

In this article, we’ll talk about the most common methods for cleaning sewers and how Vactor truck rental programs can keep your sewer system functioning at its best.

How are sewers cleaned?

Floodwater and clog issues such as the ones described above must be addressed immediately to restore sewer systems’ optimal functioning.Normally, water, dirt, and debris collected in sewers are sucked up through manholes by large vacuum trucks, such as a Vactor trucks, then taken to landfills or some other locations where the collected material can be processed.

Vactor Truck Rental Cleanliness and Optimal Functioning of Sewer Systems

Do you need a Vactor truck?

Homeowners have little need for Vactor trucks. On the other hand, those who belong to the municipal, industrial, and contractor sectors may need a Vactor truck at one point or another. To keep costs down, these businesses and organizations need not purchase this type of equipment as they can simply enter into a Vactor truck rental agreement with firms like Haaker Equipment Company.

When is rental the better option?

One of the biggest concerns when deciding to buy a large piece of equipment is how often you plan to use it. If you intend to use the equipment sporadically or seasonally, it makes more sense to rent.

What other considerations are there?

You need to partner with a rental company that not only lends quality equipment but also offers topnotch service and support. This means finding a company ready to supply the Vactor truck parts and service needed to get the equipment up and running with minimal downtime. Trusted firms like Haaker offer after-sales support for the quality Vactor trucks they sell or lend to keep your equipment performing at peak levels.


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