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Vacuum Trucks and Street Sweepers for Sale: Cleaning Turns Heavy-duty

Industrial property owners and municipal heads can rely on companies like Haaker Equipment Company when they need sweeper and vacuum trucks for sale for heavy-duty and industrial cleaning.

In cleaning an industrial facility’s paved surfaces, the most obvious areas of concern are the trash and debris that litter the place. Removing these, however, only gets a third of the job done, because underneath the trash and debris are two more layers of issues.

The first problematic layer consists of dirt, sand, dust, salt, and other particles that wear out paved surfaces. The second includes oil, grease, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals that negatively impact living things in one way or another.

A Viable Solution

There is an easy solution: regular cleaning with the use of vacuum trucks and street sweepers. These hardworking and powerful equipment help ensure that the dirt, dust, oil, grease, and chemicals on and underneath paved surfaces are disposed of properly.

Vacuum trucks can get rid of both hazardous and non-hazardous materials, in liquid or semi-solid form. They are the perfect equipment for sewer cleaning, as their power and reach can be adjusted based on the extent of the vacuuming needed.

On the other hand, while street sweepers are a fixture in city streets, a bit of refurbishing or customizing can make them ideal for industrial cleaning uses, too. Additionally, certain models are created specifically for use in facilities, and users can find reliable street sweepers for sale that would be appropriate for their needs from companies like Haaker Equipment Company.

Vacuum trucks and street sweepers are time-tested equipment that have become indispensable in keeping communities and industrial facilities clean and safe.