Heavy-Duty Vactor Sewer Cleaners

Heavy-duty sewer cleaners from Haaker Equipment Company make short work of the daunting task of cleaning the sewers of many cities and towns. Industrial facilities and commercial establishments also make use of Vactor sewer cleaners to solve many of their clogging problems. These cleaners are integrated with the “Smart Truck” features, requiring less manpower because of their automated systems. A Vactor truck with a mounted jetter and rodder is easily operated by one person.

Haaker offers Vactor’s 2100 line of heavy-duty sewer cleaners for utility services for fast and efficient cleaning. For years, the 2100 series has been one of the most trusted models of sewer cleaners in service with a number of utility companies all over the country. Haaker provides two variants of the 2100 series—positive displacement (PD) and fan-and-air routing system—as well as Vactor truck parts and sewer cleaning truck equipment for these systems.

Vactor 2100 Fan

The Vactor 2100 Fan-type sewer cleaner features a centrifugal compressor vacuum that increases in power the deeper it goes. As air passes through the set of impellers, it gets an increase in pressure, which is necessary for pulling debris up from greater depths. Vactor trucks of this line are also equipped with the JetRodder single-piston pump, increasing its suction power to prevent clogging inside the tube.

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Vactor 2100 PD

The Vactor 2100 PD variant is a more powerful sewer cleaner boasting a 475-hp PD vacuum and a multi-stage blower filtration system. This multi-stage system is a key component in a PD sewer cleaner because it removes as much fluid and debris as possible, preventing them from contaminating the blower. Like the 2100 Fan, the 2100 PD can also be equipped with a JetRodder Pump to increase the suction power of its sewer nozzles.

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Vactor 2103

Rapid response is the key selling point for the Vactor 2103, which is in service with some local utility services. It’s a smaller version of the 2100 series but just as effective in removing waste water and debris from sewers, especially in case of an emergency. This model is ideal for performing repairs and maintenance to storm water lines but at a much lower cost. The 2103 model is equipped with a PD vacuum, along with an increased inlet volume and the option of a JetRodder Pump.

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