A Powerful Lineup Of Proven Sewer Cleaners

Vactor sewer cleaning trucks lead the way with advanced technologies that simplify operations while boosting productivity. When it comes to doing the dirty work, these units deliver all the performance and power you need. Whether you are cleaning catch basins, sanitary sewer lines, storm lines, treatment plants, lift stations or wet wells, our Vactor sewer cleaners can handle the job.

The ultimate in ruggedness, reliability, simplicity, and value and controls that put you in charge

A dedicated catch basin cleaner that reduces operator fatigue, simplifies maintenance, improves performance, and brings you greater long-term value

With the Vactor iMPACT combination sewer cleaner, you don’t have to sacrifice performance to obtain greater cost savings 

Clean out pipes, drains, sewers and culverts in even the most inaccessible of locations over the roughest terrain

Save hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water every year as you maintain and repair sewer lines

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