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Nobody works harder for you than Haaker.

We bring the best equipment to the municipal, industrial and contractor sectors, including Vactor sewer cleaning trucks and Elgin street sweepers with the most innovative designs. We have the broadest selection of sweeping trucks and sewer cleaning equipment to meet your needs. We continually strive to bring you the newest tools and maintain the largest inventory of street sweepers, sewer trucks and parts in the west coast dealer network.

Our extensive line of products includes vacuum trucks for sale, used street sweepers, street sweepers for sale, sewer cameras, sewer inspection equipment, push camera inspection system options, sewer cleaning tools, sewer cleaning truck equipment, sewer nozzles for sale and much, much more. All of these products are backed by our strong commitment to customer service, and we work hard to connect you with the right equipment for your needs and budget.

Haaker Equipment Company has been providing equipment to customers in the municipal, contractor and industrial sectors for over four decades, and we strive to provide a first-class experience for our customers. If you are looking for the very best sewer cameras, street sweepers, sewer inspection equipment or sewer cleaning tools, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of highly trained, experienced and knowledgeable experts will listen to your needs and find the right solution for your municipal, industrial or contractor operation. Our products are made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, and we are proud to provide top-of-the-line Elgin Broom and Air Sweepers, sewer cleaners, asphalt trucks, Envirosight CCTV, industrial cleaning equipment, hydro excavators, parking lot sweepers and other equipment that helps you get the job done right! We service areas within California, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona. To find out more, get in touch by visiting our contact page and filling out the form.

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