Vactor Launches 2100i Sewer Cleaner

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We provide our customers with quality products and total support services. We offer a variety of tools and accessories, including sewer tools and parts, nozzles, hydroexcavation accessories, gas detection equipment, line locators, pipe inspection tools, wireless headsets, sweeper parts and more.

Click to download and view our Parts & Tools Catalog

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Haaker Equipment Company’s objective is to provide its customers with quality products and total support services. Because of this unyielding tradition, we have become the leader in supplying equipment, parts and customer satisfaction to the municipal, industrial and contractor sectors. From supplying quality sewer cameras to offering Vactor truck rental services, you can always count on Haaker Equipment Company to address all your needs.

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Our Services and Equipment for You

Elgin Street Sweepers

We are proud to offer Elgin street sweepers, the best sweepers used in Southern Nevada, Southern California and throughout North America thanks to their combination of quality and efficiency. Put your trust in a company with over a hundred years of experience in the business of bringing clean streets to Americans everywhere. We also provide used Elgin street sweepers that fit any budget, and our street sweeper rental service provides the convenience of using a sweeper without the hassle of maintaining one.

Used Street Sweepers for Sale

Used street sweepers are for sale throughout all of the United States at Haaker locations. As North America’s largest street sweeper dealer, Haaker Equipment Company sells all sizes of street sweepers both new and used for small to large jobs. Purchasing used allows you to save a significant amount of money while still receiving a product known for its reliability and overall quality. We have the largest used fleet of sweepers in Southern California, Southern Nevada and North America and are always ready to provide you with great support from start to finish.

Vactor Sewer Cleaning Trucks

Haaker Equipment Company rents Vactor sewer cleaning trucks in all 50 states for all types of cleaning. Our Vactor trucks provide efficient and cost effective services that can be relied upon for almost any situation. With more than 40 years of history in the sewer cleaning industry, Vactor has become a name synonymous with high quality and efficient design. We are also provide OEM Vactor truck parts and service. Call us now to find out how we can help you with your Vactor trucks. We also offer a clear and accurate camera inspection system and a wide range of sewer cleaning tools to help clients get the job done quickly and properly.

Catch Basin Systems by Vactor

Rental Vactor sewer cleaner trucks are available for all types of catch basin cleaning and are a perfect and cost-efficient solution to any blockage problems of any severity. Vactor’s vacuum trucks for sale provide answers to clients that need reliable vehicles that are ready to work on even the most drastic clean-out scenarios. Thanks to our accessible rental programs and rates, having a Vactor truck has never been easier. Rent-to-own programs are also available from Haaker throughout the United States. Haaker Equipment Company is proud to serve clients based in California and Nevada, as well as Phoenix, Arizona. To learn more about our products or services, get in touch by visiting our Contact pageand filling out the accompanying form.