Hands-free Sonetics Wireless Headsets

Get a clearer way to communicate with two-way headsets

Hands-free Sonetics wireless headsets enable your team to work safer and smarter. Wireless, two-way radio and Bluetooth options allow you to communicate without removing your hearing protection, and overall sound levels remain low through passive noise reduction while situational awareness is provided by active listen-through. Exposure to sound over time is measured by an innovative integrated personal sound dosimeter, and you can easily adjust headset volume to protect your ears. This state-of-the-art technology keeps your hearing safe while keeping you connected to your team.



Portable, battery-operated and reliable wireless two-way wireless radio headsets for teams of 2 to 20.

Yellow Hands-free Sonetics Wireless Headset


No team? Get the same device connectivity and hearing protection in a stand-alone headset.


Custom colors, two-way radio cables, batteries, ear seals and more – customize your hands-free Sonetics wireless headsets!

Protect Your Hearing without disconnecting

Sonetics’ innovative listen-through technology puts you in control of how much outside sound to let in for awareness and safety.

Need to hear warnings, alarms or traffic? With hands-free Sonetics wireless headsets, it’s easy. Simply raise or reduce the amount of sound from the unit’s listen-through mics for total situational awareness.

Wireless Radio Headsets in use during towing operation

Hands-Free Communications
for Every Industry


Avoid communication mistakes to work faster and more precisely with hands-free Sonetics wireless headsets.

Two-way Headsets being used for public works employees

Public works

Safely hear traffic and your crew at the same time, communicate without stopping work and protect your hearing.

Hands-free Sonetics Wireless Headsets in-use in manufacturing facility


Sonetics headsets improve plant communications, protect hearing, reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Sonetics Wireless Headsets for First Responders


Sonetics two-way radios are easy to operate and offer improved safety, reliable range and crystal clear audio for first responders.


Increase accuracy and safety with wireless headsets that improve performance when millimeters matter.


Communicate easily when dealing with dangerous conditions and improve scene safety, precision and response times.

Simply Powerful Wireless Communications

Carry on normal discussions while coordinating your work.

Send distracting sounds and loud noises to the background.

Our systems are the right size for your crew, from 2 to 20 users right out of the box.

Superior voice quality lets you understand what you’re hearing, crystal clear, no matter the conditions.

Get improved situational awareness by mixing in outside sound. Hear alarms, warnings and traffic noise without removing your hearing protection. Sudden loud noises are suppressed automatically, keeping you safe and aware and all times.

Sonetics teams wireless communications systems are perfect for job sites large and small, with a range of up to 1600 feet from the ComHub. Need to go even further? Just connect your portable radio!

Built to withstand the most challenging environments, Sonetics wireless systems are watertight, dustproof and ready to perform in the most extreme conditions.


Three factors determine risk for hearing damage due to noise exposure: the level of sound, time and distance. Sounds that register above 85 decibels are dangerous, and sounds above 125 decibels will immediately cause hearing damage without protection.

The risks of damages increase with how close you are to the noise’s source and how long you are exposed.

To assess noise exposure at your facility or job site, consult an environmental safety and health professional or your safety manager. OSHA is a great resource for more information.

NRR represents how a device reduces sound exposure for the wearer. The higher the NRR number, the greater noise reduction potential.

Sonetics wireless headsets have an NRR of 24 decibels.

Sonetics hands-free wireless headsets promote natural conversation with no yelling required! Advanced DECT7 technology offers increased audio bandwidth, resulting in great audio quality. When paired with Sonetics’ exclusive noise-cancelling microphone and auto-leveling capabilities, you can understand everything you need to in the middle of the loudest work zones.

These headsets connect through a ComHub or Base Station using advanced wireless technology. This allows you talk with team members without having to wait your turn or push buttons. It feels like being on a conference call – everyone hears everything whenever someone speaks. Talk when you want, interrupt to give warnings when needed and communicate naturally.

Our portable systems enable up to 20 team members to connect out of the box. If you need to connect an even larger team, ask about our installed systems!

Listen-Through Technology allows you to remain aware of hazards and monitor equipment without having to remove your headset. Microphones on each ear dome can be switched on to allow environmental sound to be heard by the wearer. Listen-Through Technology will not let you hear sounds over 95 decibels, protecting you from sudden loud sounds. You’ll hear only a few moments of silence before your previous setting gradually return.

Transform Your Work Day.

Wireless headsets let you focus on the job, not your communication. Get connection and protection for your teams, real-time communications, Listen-Through Technology and the ruggedness to operate in any environment.

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