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Why Choose Haaker for Sewer Cleaning Street Sweeper Litter Vacuum Water Jetter Parts?

The Parts You Need, When You Need Them

We carry parts for Elgin street sweepers, Vactor sewer trucks, GapVax vacuum trucks, Aquatech water purification, Camel sewer cleaning trucks, Vac-On sewer cleaning machines, Tymco street sweepers, Schwarze street sweepers, Johnston sweepers and more.

Vactor Water Recycler

OEM Vactor Parts

Haaker Equipment Company is the only OEM factory authorized supplier of Premium Quality Vactor sewer cleaning truck parts for Southern California and Southern Nevada including rodder pumps, check valves, ball valves, aluminum suction tubes, vacuum debris hoses and rodder hose.

OEM Elgin Parts

We are the only OEM factory authorized supplier of Premium Quality Elgin Sweeper parts for Southern California and Southern Nevada including Elgin OEM brooms, bearings, impellers and fans, conveyor belts and elevator rollers and flights, drag shoes, skirts and vacuum head curtains.

Sewer Tools

We offer a wide variety of tools and accessories for jetting, rodding, and all other sewer and storm drain maintenance operations, including Vac-Traps, debris baskets, fiberglass poles with attachments, leader hoses, tiger tails, nozzle extensions, sewer rod, root cutters, saws, blades, proofers and rod guide hoses.

Rodder Hose & Accessories

Haaker Equipment provides all sizes of jetting hose from Vactor, Aeroquip, Piranha and Parker for all of your jetter hose needs. We also have all of the sewage tools, menders and fittings to effectively repair hoses whether in our shop or in the field at your job site.

Elgin Broom Bager Brooms

Street Sweeper Brooms

Haaker Equipment Company can provide all of your street sweeper broom needs for all makes of sweepers including Elgin, Nite-Hawk, Wittke, Athey, Mobile, Tymco, Schwarze, Johnston, Allianze, Broce, Bobcat, Rosco, Sweepster, Waldon, Global, Stewart-Amos, Silent Knight and Masco. All of our brooms are made of OEM quality materials and meet or exceed OEM specifications.


We offer multiple lines including KEG Technologies, ENZ USA, Vactor OEM and many others so that we can provide the perfect nozzle for any application. We look to provide to our customers powerful solutions for all of their cleaning needs with an emphasis on jetting efficiency and guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

Vanguard Pathogen Defense System

The Vanguard Pathogen Defense System from KEG removes up to 98% of bacteria and viruses found on the jet hose.  This unique system is effective in killing a multitude of pathogens, including coronavirus.

Cherne Plugs

Cherne Industries is recognized as the industry leader throughout the world offering pneumatic or mechanical pipe plugs, deflection gauges, and testing equipment.

Helix Labs Products

Manufacturers of biological solutions for grease and odor control, Helix Labs’ products are effective in use at lift stations, sewer grease lines, and all other applications where grease and odors need to be neutralized.

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