Heavy Duty Sewer Jetter Trucksproven performance, versatility, operating ease and maneuverability

Made by Vactor, our heavy duty sewer jetter trucks in Los Angeles, San Diego, the Central Valley, Las Vegas and Phoenix combine power, versatility, durability and operating ease. These machines are masters of declogging; with a powerful blast of water, jitters can dislodge solid debris clogging pipes and sewer lines with ease. Haaker Equipment Company is a certified dealer of the Vactor Ramjet, synonymous with heavy-duty jetting with low water consumption. This unit provides everything you need to get rid of even the toughest clogs and conduct regular preventative line maintenance. Specially designed for cleaning municipal sewers, drains, pipelines and culverts, these heavy duty sewer jetters deliver unmatched performance and power.

Vactor Ramjet

The Vactor Ramjet heavy duty sewer jetter truck makes the job safer, easier and more efficient for the operator
The Vactor Ramjet trailer jetter and skid-mounted series offers you more than just performance and convenience

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