Cimline’s asphalt repair equipment offers unmatched ergonomic features, intuitive controls, and innovative solutions that ensure the quietest, safest, and most cost-effective operation on the market. Celebrated for pioneering tools that have revolutionized pavement preservation, Cimline boasts numerous industry firsts, such as the oil jacketed kettle, vertical material agitator, dual temperature control, electronic burner ignition and rubber torsion axles. Drawing on five decades of industry-leading expertise, they are the paving and asphalt repair specialists. Explore our Cimline solutions to enhance productivity and drive down the costs of pothole patching, asphalt maintenance and emulsion storage, and contact us today to schedule your free demo.

Cimline MA4 Longitudinal Joint Sealer

The MA4 was designed to make longitudinal joint sealing, VRAM and fog sealing features such as rumble strips and paint lines easy for any crew to perform.

Known for reliability, performance and productivity, contractors rave about the operator ease of use of these machines.

Patch in almost any weather conditions and eliminate labor-intensive, poor performing patches.

Lowest cost per patch with as little as 2-person crew and lower material costs.

High-performance reliable heating and application of bituminous emulsions and tack coats.

The R3 Crack Router utilizes the latest technology to provide accurate, high-performance routing.

Improve your efficiency by having emulsion on site for your patching crew.

Three models to choose from to match your exact application needs.

Simplify patching operation – Just add rock and emulsion with this self-contained patching machine.
Allows control of your own workflow and the ability to be self-sufficient in your patching and chip seal program.

Utilize your hook lift truck to eliminate potholes.

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