Elgin Street Sweepers

Haaker Equipment Company arms you with the power and efficiency of highly acclaimed Elgin Street Sweeper units. Elgin has been the premier maker of top-caliber street sweepers for more than nine decades and is recognized by the industry as one of the leading makers of the best pure vacuum and regenerative air sweepers. Haaker takes pride in being among the most established dealers of Elgin’s reliable and diverse array of street sweeping equipment, especially Elgin’s Air Street Sweeper line—the Crosswind, GeoVac, and Whirlwind.

We offer and service brand-new sweeping units and parts, but we also have rental, re-manufactured, and pre-owned Elgin Air Street Sweepers that you can choose from. You can visit our headquarters in California or our branch office in Nevada to find out what your options are for purchasing or renting Elgin equipment.

RegenX Regenerative Air Sweeper

The Elgin Innovation Team traversed the country, speaking to hundreds of customers at all levels within the street sweeping industry, both municipal and contractor, in pursuit of true voice-of the-customer insights. Months of real-world prototype testing and feedback refined the sweeper design to provide customers with exactly what they want and need, while proving the reliability and durability along the way. The input of service technicians, operators, and street sweeping supervisors shaped every detail of the new RegenXTM mid-dump regenerative air street sweeper from Elgin Sweeper Company, a sweeper that is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain but still delivers the quality and proven technology that is the hallmark of Elgin Sweeper products.

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Crosswind1 Regenerative Air Sweeper

Elgin regenerative air sweepers give contractors, municipalities and airports a powerful sweeper with versatility and productivity. The Elgin® Crosswind1® efficiently cleans large flat paved areas such as streets, parking lots, and airport runways. Mounted on the short-wheelbase of either conventional or cab-over chassis, the Elgin Crosswind1 is operated by simple rocker switches and equipped with all the essentials to get the job done right. A combination of large 8 yd3 (6 m3) hopper and 240 gal (908 L) water tank, plus excellent fuel efficiency, allow maximum productivity between trips to dumping, re-watering and fueling.

The Crosswind1 steps ahead as the market leader with innovative single-engine technology. This new easy-to-use design, with single button operation, will increase productivity and decrease maintenance time and costs. The Crosswind1 sweeper is also effective in frequent maintenance of permeable pavement. This sweeper is versatile and can easily pick up litter and chip seal. The large pickup head makes it desirable for many applications.

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Crosswind Regenerative Air Sweeper

An amazing street sweeper of the highest caliber, functionality, productivity, and versatility, Elgin’s Crosswind enables municipalities, industries, and contractors to efficiently accomplish their tasks. The Crosswind is operated straightforwardly using rocker switches and includes a full set of the essential gauges. This remarkable unit can perform for extended periods in fueling, dumping, and re-watering sites thanks to its outstanding fuel-efficiency and large and strategically combined water tank and hopper. It can also thoroughly clean larger and flat paved zones like airport runways, parking lots, and streets with its heavy-duty recirculating vacuum sweeper.

You will enjoy operating it—as do public work officials and contractors—because of its ergonomic structure, enabling you to work safely and comfortably. Elgin’s Crosswind is also easy to maintain so you can allot extra time to more important tasks.

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GeoVac Vacuum Sweeper

Featuring a full 8.5-foot sweep, an 8-cubic yard hopper, and a 330-gallon water capacity for dust suppression, Elgin’s GeoVac is a silent but efficient cleaner perfect for construction and industrial sites, parking lots, and streets. It utilizes the ingenious combo of very low dB(A) drive-by and in-cab noise levels and top-caliber vacuum sweeping, as well as the power and efficiency of a 99 hp John Deere® Tier 2 auxiliary engine. It is easy to operate using direct-touch rocker switches, is very accessible because of its button-triggered automatic full-width gull wing doors and easy-to-store ladder, and is conveniently simple to maintain with the help of the included service module.

The GeoVac focuses suction power in the nozzle while the strong airflow it creates transfers debris inside the structure. The extension and side brooms under the machine enable it to efficiently sweep any debris into the nozzle’s area of effect.

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Whirlwind Vacuum Street Sweeper

Generally for catch basin cleaning and street sweeping, Elgin’s Whirlwind is customizable and sure to address your needs. Having passed the strict PM10 rule 1186 evaluation, it reliably delivers high quality versatility and pickup. Providing a short wheelbase, wider sweep, extending nozzle, and low maintenance structure, the Whirlwind’s overall make is something that you can truly find advantageous and useful for your needs.

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