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Harben delivers unparalleled jetting technology to every domain: municipal, industrial and beyond. Here at Haaker, we have a Harben trailer jetter suitable for every task. Each jetter embodies over a century of engineering excellence, meticulous manufacturing, and profound technical know-how. These units are crafted for powerful cleaning performance and are reinforced by Harben’s lifetime support commitment. We take pride in providing the most effective and dependable trailer jetting equipment currently on the market today.

Harben E180 Trailer Jetter

The original “high pressure-low flow” jetting unit, this Harben trailer jetter holds a dominant place in the market.

This unit shares all the great features of the E180 with the benefit of a 750 gallon water capacity.

The Harben 4018 DSK enclosed jetter is available to fit into many different vehicles and trailers.

The first and only run dry high pressure pump available worldwide today.

The perfect choice for contractors who regularly work in sewers from 2″ all the way up to 18″ diameter.
Join the growing band of sewer cleaning contractors enjoying the Harben advantage of run dry reliability.

The Century truck mounted jetter is versatile, compact and provides awesome cleaning performance.

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