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CARB Regulations

What is happening?

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) has passed regulations that dramatically affect
production, sales, and operation of gas and diesel powered vehicles as part of their TruckStop
initiative. These regulations begin affecting fleets in 2024. The ACF regulation will affect
customers the most.

New ZEV TruckStop Regulations:

Advance Clean Fleets (ACF)
Advance Clean Trucks (ACT)
CARB Omnibus Ultra-low NOx Rule 2024

What Is A ZEV?

“ZEV” – Zero Emission Vehicle
ZEVs include Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). It does not include Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV). Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) are considered Near Zero Emissions Vehicles (NZEV), but are limited by all-electric range requirements.

What Does This Mean For Haaker Customers?

Customers will need to transition to electric powered fleets. This may include developing infrastructure to charge and maintain electric equipment, changing purchase plans, and applying for exemptions or grants to support the transition process. Haaker has been building our electric fleet options to provide our customers with industry breaking technologies as they come to market. As regulations affect not only the equipment we can sell you, but also your current fleets, Haaker is here to help you navigate what equipment is best for you that fits within compliance regulations.

Advance Clean Fleets (ACF)

CARB’s ACF ruling means public and private fleets will be required to transition to electric powered vehicles. All high priority and federal fleets will be required to remove internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles as they begin purchasing ZEVs with either the Model Year Schedule or the Milestone Option. State and local government fleets may continue operating ICE vehicles only if they do not opt-in to the Milestone Option.
ACF Regulation 

Advance Clean Trucks (ACT)

The Advanced Clean Truck Regulation is part of a holistic approach to accelerate a large-scale transition of zero-emission medium-and heavy-duty vehicles from Class 2b to Class 8. Any new trucks ordered that will have a MY23 engine delivered in California, have that engine built and installed into the truck chassis by 3/31/24. It does not matter when the truck is ultimately delivered, or registered in California. The critical issues are that the engine be built by 12/31/23 and installed in the truck by 3/31/24.
ACT Regulation 

CARB Omnibus Ultra-low NOx Rule 2024

A key measure in the Mobile Source Strategy is the establishment of low oxides of nitrogen (NOx) engine emission standards that result in a 90% reduction in NOx emissions compared to the emissions of diesel engines. This measure is critical for attaining federal health-based air quality standards for ozone in 2031 in the South Coast and San Joaquin Valley air basins, and fine particulate matter (PM) standards in the next decade. The Omnibus regulation regulates a low-NOx engine standard and a lower in-use emission performance level for engines.
Omnibus Regulation 


If your fleet is unable to comply with electric vehicle purchase requirements and can not maintain milestone schedules, certain vehicles and equipment may be eligible for exemptions or extensions to make annual goals achievable.
If your fleet needs assistance with purchasing mandated ZEV requirements, you may be eligible for different funding or grant options:

CARB Incentives & Funding

Advance Vehicle Technology and Infrastructure Funding 

Commercial Clean Vehicle Federal Tax Credit

Hybrid & Zero-Emission Truck & Bus Voucher Incentive Program (HVIP) 

EnergIIZE Commercial Vehicles

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