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Street Sweepers for Sale for Every Application

The team of experts here at Haaker Equipment Company is on-hand to help you select the best vacuum trucks for sale, used street sweepers and street sweepers for sale. With decades of experience in the industry, we are skilled at connecting you with the right equipment for your needs and budget.

When choosing the best street sweepers for sale, consider your needs carefully:

Year-round street sweeping

If you live in an area that necessitates street sweeping year-round, consider waterless dust sweepers and mechanical sweepers. These machines are perfect for cold climates that need year-round sweeping of salt residue, gravel, sand, silt and other materials. Waterless sweepers with dust control are ideal for areas where dried salt and sand can result in excessive dust.

Heavy-duty sweeping and spring cleanup

If you live in a cold, Northern climate, you will need a machine that can handle heavy-duty cleanup after a winter with reduced sweeping. Mechanical sweepers are the best choice for the job because they can easily handle an accumulation of salt, silt, gravel and sand. These street sweepers for sale also make light work of sweeping large amounts of heavy materials.

Pine cone sweeping and leaf removal

Pine cones and leaves that accumulate in street gutters can be removed by regenerative air sweepers or mechanical sweepers. These machines have large-diameter suction hoses, wide pick-up heads and the ability to lower or raise the head hydraulically, making them perfect for these applications.

Catch-basin cleaning

Equipment for this purpose must have the ability to lift litter, silt, gravel, sand and leaves from the catch basin. Pure vacuum sweepers and regenerative air sweepers are the best choices when equipped with a catch basin cleaning hose feature or a boom-style hose.

Maintenance and cleaning of porous pavement

Porous pavements are becoming more and more common as growing evidence suggests they are one of the best ways to deal with runoff of storm water. To maintain your porous pavement, invest in a high-power vacuum sweeper or regenerative air sweeper. We also highly recommend high-power vacuum sweepers for restoration projects on porous pavements.